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Allure Score℠

Allure Score℠(Real Estate Metric)


The Allure Score℠ is a proprietary real estate metric created by Ivan Drenkarov and Ivelina Stoyanova on April 20, 2023. It represents a novel approach to evaluate the desirability and attractiveness of specific areas, based on single family home sales.

Origin and Development:

The Allure Score℠ was introduced for the first time in the real estate industry on April 20, 2023, by Ivan Drenkarov and Ivelina Stoyanova. The motivation behind its creation was to establish a comprehensive metric that could effectively measure the allure of an area.


The Allure Score℠ is meticulously calculated metric through a proprietary formula, primarily based on an in-depth analysis of single-family home sales. The Millioneum Allure Score℠ analysis concentrates specifically on properties valued at one million dollars and above. The goal of this assessment is to unveil an area’s innate ability to magnetize affluent buyers seeking high-value, single-family homes.

Application in Chicago:

The Millioneum Allure Score℠ was utilized to evaluate the attractiveness of areas for Million Dollar Single Family Homes in Chicago. This specific application aimed to measure how potent an area is at attracting buyers seeking multi-million dollar single-family homes.

Key Features and Impact:

The Millioneum Allure Score℠ provides valuable insights to potential buyers and investors, aiding them in identifying areas with a strong potential. By showcasing areas with a Millioneum Allure Score℠ exceeding 1, the metric acts as a guiding tool in the decision-making process for prospective real estate investors.

Future Developments:

We are committed to further refining the Millioneum Allure Score℠ metric to enhance its accuracy and relevance in evaluating real estate attractiveness. Future developments aim to incorporate feedback and advancements in real estate analysis to better serve the dynamic real estate market.